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Default Re: Steelers need a #1 receiver...who?

Originally Posted by wwhickok View Post
Is there any 'non-glaring' WR FA's this season that Pitt might look at?
If you mean under the radar type guys, then Brandon Gibson, Brian Hartline or Danny Amendola would be the guys to look at.

Originally Posted by xbroughneck View Post
Dwayne Bowe is a free agent, has good size, speed and playmaking ability and he'd probably be Ben's #2 target next season.
See, I don't know about this. I think he's asking for the same kind of money that Wallace was, except that Bowe has a worse attitude about it. I mean, I don't blame him because he was playing for the Chiefs, but I doubt Colbert would go for him because of this attitude problem.

Would I like to have him? Absolutely. I wouldn't pay him 10+ though and I feel like that's what he would ask for. Right now, he's making 9.515 ( and I doubt he'd be willing to take a contract that wasn't at least 5 year / 50 million. This year, we just don't have that kind of cash to spend. Next year might be a little different when we're actually above the cap, but I don't think it's viable this year.

If we're really interested in finding our wide receiver for the future, we're going to have to draft one and reach a little bit at 17 or trade back and hope Keenan Allen is still there.
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