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Default Re: Niners CB says openly gay players would not be welcomed on the team

Originally Posted by jacobo View Post
The media seemingly only covered this and the Lewis antler stuff during the entire week. Of course it's going to be big if they make it big. It really shouldn't matter

Davis said that the only reason he (speaking for gay players) don't come out to everyone (read: the media) is because they don't want to have that conversation. It's more of a social issue than football. He made it clear the players in the locker room know about his sexuality but don't care. That's all that matters at that point. Coming out to everyone would help the gay rights movement, but it doesn't matter in terms of team dynamic, and that's what this conversation's about.

The dude seems remorseful for what he said and leaders on the team are helping him get over this blunder. I don't like this story at all and think it shouldn't be getting coverage
It really shouldn't matter? Why not? The article you've brought up argues that people should be able to be accepted even if they are gay. This Culliver's come out and said that gay people wouldn't be welcome on his team, they should just get out. That doesn't help the team dynamic. The article you've brought up also brings up why it would be good for ppl to be able to be openely gay, and that this issue is about helping the gay community, not just team dynamics.

This player doesn't seem remorseful, but he's now just saying what they want him to say.

You don't like the story and don't think it should get coverage? Just because you don't like it doesn't mean it doesn't matter. It really does matter, and it's important for people to understand that what Culliver said is unacceptable. It's bigotry.
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