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Default Re: hawk believer- sonics question?

Originally Posted by tony hipchest
thanks bro. i hate to root for shaq too (really from the l.a. connection) but just cant root against payton. hopefully it all works out for the sonics in the seattle area. i'd like to see them get back to playoff form, especially with ray allen. seeing good young players theyve drafted and developed succeed elsewhere sucks.

i guess the jim mclevain experiment still burns you too?
McIlvain. His name no longer inspires anger and frustration around here. No people chuckle when they hear the name. Talk about a good time to be tall. When Shaq came to the Lakers that off season, teams in the western conference couldn't throw enough money at any guy over 6'10'' to play for their team. I remember Shaq talking about how Slim Jim couldn't defend him and said something to the effect that McIlvain didn't have enough meat in his butt to hold him at the post.

Hopefully we waived off any curse associated with that move now. Last year the Knicks signed Sonic Jerome James to a 6 million a year contract. This was a guy who hardly got to play on the Sonics because he was too lazy. But he did have a good playoff series. Isiah Thomas signed him for way too much money and he hasn't done anything but ride the pine since. Someone pointed out last year that James was making millions more than Shaun Alexander was. I guess that is one reason why the NFL is in much better shape than the NBA.
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