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Default Re: Niners CB says openly gay players would not be welcomed on the team

Everyone else is the one making it about society lol. He was speaking in the context of the team and a gay player possibly being on the team. He didn't say they should die, or get out of the country, all he said was he didn't want a gay person on the team. People like Wade Davis and Vernon Davis made it clear that that kind of thinking doesn't exist at large, or even when it does it quickly gets taken care of. Self policing

"it's a big story because of it." There are thousands of "big" stories happening every day that never get the amount of coverage that this has gotten. Way more important than this. What's the difference between the two? It was a slow week for the biggest show in the country and ESPN and the NFL needed something to fill their schedule. It's big because they made it big. Nothing more. Wade Davis came out of the closet about a month ago and I didn't hear shit about it on their network. That dude who stabbed his boyfriend who used to be a tackle for the Raiders didn't really get any coverage either. Why did this get coverage? Superbowl week and a slow week in news. You can only talk about the Harbaughs and Ray Lewis so much.
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