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Default Re: Steelers need a #1 receiver...who?

lloydwoodson -

Sorry, I could not resist -

I know it was a typo, but you typed "fropped" instead of "dropped." I thought that was funny! Because the Steelers receivers did not drop passes, they "fropped" them! I guess it is a combination of fumble, drop, whatever, that immediately came to mind. You made a new word, and the Steelers found new ways to botch passes. A perfect match!

QUOTE=lloydwoodson;1083447]Wallace being re-signed is the best option for the Steelers. Hopefully that somehow happens despite the odds.

Wallace can not be traded he is not under contract. If they were going to trade him they should have tried last year.

Bowe has a reputation for fropping passes. Also, Steelers dont sign big FA. Don't see that happening.

WRs have been handled badly by the FO for a long time now. I don't see anything good happening for the WR corps. Letting Holmes walk then signing AB who is Holmes-lite for the same money doesn't make a lot of sense to me considering the chemistry Holmes and Ben had developed. Signing AB over Wallace doesn't make a whole lot of sense either when Sanders is a similar receiver to AB.

Better hope Miller makes a speedy recovery or Ben isn't going to have a whole lot of options to throw to.[/QUOTE]
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