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Default Re: Big Ben vs Joe Flacco

I think all that has been proven is that Cam Cameron was a lead weight tied to Baltimore's offense for the last couple years. That Bryant McKinnie (plus juggling) > Jah Reid/Bobby Williams. That Flacco can look similar to the best QBs in the league when given protection and a good game plan.

The issue is how Flacco looks when the O-line isn't playing lights out. Past history indicates he is far below average in that department (then again Cameron was involved). The recent playoff run didn't show us anything to change that situation (the protection was too good).

Roethlisberger is still >> Flacco due to this last point. He makes more with less especially in terms of protection. Flacco makes less with less. It has been a long time since Ben has had the luxury of great pass blocking, but I can't imagine he is any less effective than Flacco with great protection.

That said, Flacco is going to get massively paid almost entirely because of this 5 game run from week 16 to the SB (excluding meaningless week 17 game). The timing couldn't have been any more perfect for him. And in a couple years we will see whether the impending contract looks fair or foolish/disasterous for the Ravens. The latter cannot be ruled out at all.
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