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Default Re: Niners CB says openly gay players would not be welcomed on the team

Originally Posted by Vis View Post
He was wrong about the team as the team made clear. He had no right to speak for anyone but himself. As for that, by his words he is known.

But the issue of an openly gay player on a team has been a news topic all year. Did you miss those stories? Of course this got ink.
He was giving his opinion on it and made a rash comment in the face of media when he was unprepared. People need to stop crucifying this kid for some stupid shit he said. It's been corrected already. He's making it up with the LGBT by doing charity work. As a result of this more people are coming out and saying how shitty what he said was and more progress is being made within the gay community. This mentality will be less prevalent moving forward.

I didn't see anything on television about gay athletes before this and the only related thing about gay athletes I've read was the Wade Davis stuff and that Raiders tackle guy, and both of those I read online. Please link to me to what you're talking about, I'd love to hear more.

Originally Posted by aa14 View Post
"Self policing" sexuality in any other profession is called discrimination. It's universal discrimination. Just because some myopic dweeb thinks it doesn't apply to the locker room is irrelevant.
Haha, calling me a dweeb when you completely misinterpreted what I said. That's rich. I meant that if the mentality of Culliver exists it gets corrected by a leader (vernon davis), aka they police themselves without the need of people from the outside to know anything about it
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