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Default Re: If the Steelers put Ben on the trading block....

Originally Posted by Gnutella View Post

Here he is, lined up on the right hash mark:

"Aww shit, I just get done with my dropback and I already have pressure coming from the left! I better step up to keep the play alive!"

With a stopwatch, I timed 1.7 seconds between the snap of the ball and Roethlisberger having to step up to avoid Tamba Hali. No, he couldn't deliver it to Heath Miller at this moment because he either would have been hit as he threw the ball or had his pass tipped by Allen Bailey near the line of scrimmage.

"Fuck, nobody's open and I only have two blockers for three defenders! I better just eat the ball!"

Notice where Roethlisberger is as he's getting sacked: between the hashmarks. Roethlisberger never left the pocket on the play. No, he couldn't have delivered it to Miller earlier, because Miller was blanketed by Eric Berry the moment he started running across the field. You can see both their feet near the top-left corner of the image.
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