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Default Re: Ben Roethlisberger is our John Elway

Originally Posted by zcoop View Post
Cut the shit, I'm still waiting on you to intelligently back-up the post that I still call bullshit. Can you do that please?
OK, sure...

Originally Posted by zcoop View Post
This is total bullshit, check the stats of our Wrs and the top-tier teams you're referencing and I think you'll realize that.

Two of ours were All-Pro last year and the year before we were in the SB (lost); won it in 2009. Check the stats over the five year period and come back and post an intelligent response.
Except the last Steelers WR to be named an All-Pro was Hines Ward in 2004. Nobody has done it since. The 2012 All-Pro WRs are Calvin Johnson, Brandon Marshall, A.J. Green and Andre Johnson.

Antonio Brown has 2,062 receiving yards and seven TD receptions in the last three seasons. That's an average of 687.3 yards and 2.3 TD receptions per season. Mike Wallace has 4,042 receiving yards and 32 TD passes in the last four seasons. That's an average of 1,010.5 yards and eight TD receptions per season.

Wallace has had two 1,000-yard receiving seasons in his first four (2010, 2011), and Brown has had one 1,000-yard receiving season in his first three (2011). Neither one had 1,000 receiving yards last season, and the most in a season by either is 1,257 by Wallace in 2010. As far as TDs go, the most by either in a season has been 10, again by Wallace in 2010.

Hines Ward had 3,346 yards and 20 TD receptions in his final four seasons. That's an average of 836.5 yards and five TD receptions per season. Santonio Holmes had 2,069 receiving yards and 10 TD receptions in his last two seasons with the Steelers. That's an average of 1,034.5 yards and five TD receptions per season. Only one of those last two seasons (2009) was a 1,000-yard season for him.

None of the above are All-Pro numbers.

Originally Posted by zcoop View Post
Some of you said that Arians offense sucked, yet you expect the wrs to be great, then we get the dink and dunk which produced about 1000 less yards that his teams did, again its the wrs fault.
Arians' offense sucked because it never took into account the strengths and weaknesses of the different units of the offense. The offensive line has been mediocre at best for five years, but Arians never adjusted. And the fact that Colts fans complained about Andrew Luck taking a lot of unnecessary abuse illustrates that this ain't a Roethlisberger problem; it's an Arians problem. Ain't many branches less than 10 yards downfield on his route trees.

Hines Ward blames the WRs too. That means he agrees with me and disagrees with you.

Originally Posted by zcoop View Post
When it comes to Ben's failures, its, you guessed it the wrs fault yet again and of course the Oline. Football is a TEAM sport.
Absolutely. Give a great QB mediocre weapons and protection, and his passer rating will never get out of the 90's from one season to the next.

Originally Posted by zcoop View Post
Miss me with the stupid shit man.
I see you're from Georgia too. With any luck, we'll never cross paths.

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