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Default Re: Defensive END play since Aaron Smith...

Originally Posted by SteelersCanada View Post
We drafted square pegs and are trying to fit them into round holes. Why we felt the need to draft 3-4 DEs in the first round and use them as space-eaters still doesn't make any sense to me. We punish them when they generate pressure and hope and pray that our Linebackers can generate the pressure that the DEs aren't. This is an outdated and ridiculous ideology.

It's no wonder they're not doing well and guys like Hood aren't progressing - they're not used properly. Ziggy would be a beast if he would be used properly and not punished for generating pressure. We need to let our young guys be explosive and if we're not going to let them be explosive, there's no need to waste high picks on DEs when we can find overweight and out of shape space-eaters in the later rounds.

Let Ziggy and Cam be young and explosive and blow up the offensive line, or get new DLinemen because the guys we have now aren't space-eaters. We need to run a similar DLine scheme that the Texans have implemented - let the Line blow shit up and make life easier for the 'Backers. Have our Line command double-teams due to blowing up the offensive line up and generating huge amounts of pressure, not because they're big and overweight. This kind of ideology isn't effective anymore and eventually, something's gotta give.
Exactly, dude. We have all been talking about this for some time.

Hood and Heyward are stereotypical 4-3 ends, best at rushing teh passer rand collapsing the pocket.

Instead, we are asking them to give ground, and occupy two guys so the linebackers can do their thing. Square peg, round hole. We have single-gap Dlinemen trying to play a two-gap style.

I figure the switch toa 4-3 is just around the corner. It seems like they have slowly been drafting 4-3 talent and are waiting to reach a threshold when they can implement the change.
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