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Default Re: Open letter to Niners fans

Originally Posted by BleedPurple View Post
Since they won't let me make an account on their forums I will post it here: to all 9ers fans crying about the hold in the endzone on the punt with ~12 seconds left. . . got news for ya, there were 8-9 holds on that play. John told the entire TEAM to hold, because guess what offensive holding in the endzone is. . . A SAFETY! AND IT DOESN'T STOP THE CLOCK!

Geeze just pisses me off because they were all crying over it. . .
I agree: that was a smart call by John. Because, you are right: if the refs call holding... oh well.. they were going for the safety anyway. [Note to all: throwing a flag would not have stopped the clock; the play had to end first, and then the penalty would be assessed... just like on every other offensive play.]

Ugh... did I just agree with a Ravens fan!?! I feel so dirty... ick.

Speaking of holding... the PI on Jimmy Smith... uh... that is a different story...
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