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Default Re: Ben Roethlisberger is our John Elway

Elway was not a great quarterback. Elway was an average quarterback who had a lot of game-winning drives.

Elway did come through in the clutch some of the time. Elway also played like complete garbage in many of the biggest games of his career.

Let's not look at his record setting abyssmal performances in the postseason because there are so many to look at we'd be here forever.

Let's look at what he did in the 98 and 99 Superbowl runs.

Elway threw 6 tds and 3 ints in 7 games. Meanwhile Terrell Davis ran for 11 tds over the same period of time. Terrell Davis ran for more than 100 yards in all 7 games.

Should Elway have won in 98? His stat line of 123 yards 0 tds and 1 ints would say no. But Terrell Davis' stat line of 157 yards and 3 tds said yes.

It is ironic to see people praising Shanahan's open offense as the reason Elway had success under him- when the actual reason that Elway and the Broncos were successful is that TD ran the ball 30 times per game and did it very well.

John Elway... 59th rated passer all-time... on every homer's top 5 list!!! Truly one of the greats!!!

Elway had 2 Probowl WRs, a HOF TE and a HOF RB when he won his Superbowls and all I ever hear is Elway didn't have anyone to throw to. Guess what? As soon as Brian Griese took over Elway's receivers looked amazing. Too bad TD was through due to injury or the Broncos would have had another Superbowl win and I could hear how great Brian Griese was. Brian Griese is the higher rated passer after all.

Broncos homers are the exact same as Steelers homers. Point taken.
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