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Default Re: Pittsburgh Sports Philosophy

Originally Posted by sluggermatt15 View Post
I a youngin, in my mid-20s, Dave! haha I've been following the Pirates closely since PNC Park opened, but have been attending games since the mid-90s when my parents would take me to games at Three Rivers. I love the Buccos, win or lose, and it just kills me to see them lose every year. I anxiously await, and maybe foolishly believe they will finally have that winning season. But hey that's part of being a fan. Teams go through stretches of winning, the Pirates have definitely had their stretches and moments of success, but losing is part of the game too. IMO the real fans stick with a team regardless if they win or lose.

I agree about the spending, it's not like the Pirates are losing $. They make a decent profit every year. Problem is the owners don't spend it. And we all wonder why they don't do anything every year. Sad aspect if you ask me.

You're not a fan of the announcers, eh? They're OKAY. I miss Lanny Frattere, I thought he had a pretty good voice. Pretty knowledgeable about the game, had his phrases and cliches, and very informative during broadcasts.
Lanny Frattere came to the Pirates as the second banana behind Milo Hamilton, the man that replace Prince. Frattere replaced Hamilton after a few season later,

If you can ever get your hands on some old radio broadcasts of the Pirates, just listen to the difference, Also, I think you still can get your hands on the network broadcast of game seven of the '71 series. Prince did the first half.

Speaking of the 70's Pirates... Everybody talks about the "Big Red Machine" as the difinitive baseball club of that era. I'm here to tell you, our 70's Pirates were just as good, AND we about completely reworked the team and coaches between '71 and '79. I'm not sure who the GM was during that time, but he was plenty good.

For you anti baseball guys... If you ever played the game much, you'd understand. I'll agree that it is a game from years gone by. I also agree that baseball is not as telegenic as football.

You really need to go to the ballpark to appreciate it. Going once or twice doesn't get it either. You first need to do a little study of the opponents, ball parks, learn the averages, pitching strengths, weaknesses, because if you don't your not going to understand what is going through the managers head. It would be like going to an opera, and without being able to understand Italian, you don't know what the heck is going on.

Football is great sport mainly because you can enjoy it taking it at face value. Results are easily quantified. With baseball, you have to work at it a bit to get the full impact.
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