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Default I'll say it plainly - anyone questioning Big Ben is an IDIOT

I cannot believe my eyes, looking at all of these threads, comparing Ben to Flacco, even one suggesting that its time to maybe "blow it up" and trade Roethlisberger.

I only have one question: are you people out of your fucking minds?

Ben is widely regarded as an upper-echelon quarterback in the NFL. He has played in three Super Bowls (yes, I know he was less-than-stellar in 2 of them. It still takes a lot of great quarterback play to get there, and Ben was magnificent in Denver and Indy in 05.) He was actually having, judging by the eye-test, his best season until his injury against KC this season, and that completely derailed the offense upon his return.

Ben still has at least 5 seasons of high-level play in him. For all the talk of his injuries, he's never had one that caused him to be out more than 3 or 4 games (no ACL tears, significant elbow/shoulder injuries, or anything of that nature.) For anyone to question his standing as our starting quarterback is beyond moronic.

Who do you people suggest we get to play QB? I'll be waiting a long time for any kind of reasonable answer that will give us a signal-caller even approaching Big Ben's level.

Guess what? Our biggest rivals just won the Super Bowl. And yes, former national punchline Joe Flacco played spectacularly in getting them there. That DOES NOT mean we have to compare him to our guy, who has won an awful lot of football games around here. That DOES NOT mean that it's time to start questioning whether or not we'd be better off with someone - what? More like Joe Flacco? What the hell do you people want?

There's no reason to believe that we can't bounce back and be Super Bowl contenders NEXT YEAR, with a few roster tweaks but also largely intact. Do you think the Giants expected to win the Super Bowl after an average 2010?

So, please, anyone who will defend the ditch-Ben line of thinking, let's hear it. What do you suggest? Alex Smith? Michael Vick? Trade him for a couple first-round picks and draft Matt Barkley? Bring in Jamarcus Russell for a tryout? Ask the Jets about Sanchez' availability?

Or do we stick with the guy whose won 3 AFC championships and 2 Super Bowl rings, with an astronomical winning percentage in 9 seasons here, who was on top of his game before an injury this season, and who is still in the prime of his career? Tough choice.
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