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Default Re: Bettis NOT a Hall of Famer- Here's Why

Originally Posted by lloydwoodson View Post
Jerry Rice made the Probowl at age 40. He had 92 catches for 1121 yards and 7 tds. If Rice was a normal person he would have retired earlier than 42.

The argument is not whether Lewis is HOF worthy but whether he is the greatest MLB of all-time. I don't think he is the best MLB of all-time though you apprently disagree by comparing Lewis to the best football player to ever play the game.

Seau played in 1 less Probowl than Lewis and he played his entire career with much less help on the defensive side of the ball. Leslie O'Neal and Rodney Harrison were the only great players Seau played with and they were not together at the same time.

Meanwhile the Ravens roster has been loaded with Probowl players and Woodson, Sanders, Ngata and Reed all belong in the HOF. Suggs, Boulware, McAllister, Sam Adams, Scott, Adalius Thomas and Michael McCrary all made the Probowl while Lewis was playing.

Make sense?
Uh... no.

In his final three seasons, Jerry Rice had 63 (which isn't bad), 5, and 25 receptions.

Ergo, I misspoke by saying "three" (although, even those 63 receptions were not the best in the league). Let me amend my previous statement:

Is The Knife the best right now? No... but neither was Jerry Rice in his final TWO seasons.

The point is still the same: The Knife may not have been the best MLB this year, but he's still a HOFer.

I was comparing the final few seasons of Jerry Rice to the final few seasons of The Knife. Ergo, if the best player ever had subpar seasons at the end if his career, it should be expected that so would The Knife (& Hines Ward... & Franco Harris... et cetera). Make sense?
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