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Default Re: Defensive END play since Aaron Smith...

Originally Posted by steeltheone View Post
Smith played on a defense full of Pro Bowlers...It makes a big difference. Smith was good, but when he went down ( a lot ) Hood filled in and the Defense did not skip a beat.

We don't have that level of talent now.
Skip a beat ??? I beg to differ. Hood is much less talented than Smith. Have you taken a good look at what happens to him when the opposing offense runs a zone block on him? They guy is pathetic. He gets turned more often than Ginger Rogers......For as stong as this kid is supposed to be, you sure seem him knocked 5 yards or more off the LOS a lot. Way too passive.

Heyward still has not mastered the proper angles, or hand placement. Notice how many runners will literaly run right past him within inches, and he can't get a hand on him.

I was hoping that Hood, in his third year, would have blossumed, but man, he was better as a rookie when he didn't know anything.

I will agree that a healthy pinch from our OLBs would help. Woodley plays patty cake too much with TE and running backs to help out Hood much. Harrison's been injuries, age and contract finally caught up with him and more than likely will not be with us next season, even though he played much better as the year went on. We have NOBODY to fill those shoes.
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