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Default Re: Woodley "Joe Flacco will not win a SB in this lifetime"

Originally Posted by teegre View Post
Not sure if you have kids... but, sometimes, in order not to get into trouble, they will play the semantics game. (If you are married, then more than likely, you have played this game with your spouse, as well.)

People just do not like to admit when they are wrong/made a mistake.

Very few people have the wherewithal to simply admit fault.

Make sense?

This reminds me of a story about Michael Irvin, back in the 90s.

I despised Irvin. I thought that hew as cocky & arrogant & an ass... until the following occurred.

Before a big game against the Niners (the NFCCG???), Irvin told reporters, "I am the best WR in football... the best... PERIOD." Then, during the game, Jerry Rice did his thing, and looked great in victory. After the game, a savvy reporter asked Irvin about his comments, and without missing a beat, Irvin replied, "Jerry Rice is the best WR in football... the best... PERIOD."

Since that day, I have respected Irvin... for his ability to admit fault (and, cleverly, to boot).
Great story and very good point!
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