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Default Re: I'll say it plainly - anyone questioning Big Ben is an IDIOT

I would like to say I completly agree with layinthewood first post.

I just want to add a few things.

Yes Ben was having a MVP season in HALEY'S SYSTEM before he got hurt. After he came back things weren't so good, rather its bens fault due to injury(or not) a lack of run game or what ever else may be our offense didn't look good.

Now people may say with the talent he had at wr he should of been able to at the very least duplicate 75% of what he did before the kc game. And because he didn't do that we should either trade, re evaluate him, or what a lot of people do is criticize him. However that should not be the case. Because...

In the first year under a new oc things will be rocky from the get go. Bens ability to perform well at the start shows he is a great qb, from going to his man crush Bruce's offense to a completly new system.

Once Ben went down for 3 weeks the steelers had to play with Byron and Charlie, two guys who do not have the skills Ben does. So for those three week the offense had to gameplay for different qbs and had a different way to try and attack opposing defenses.

In the middle of the season this can be very harmful to an offense. In year one in Haley they found there grove with Ben, then he got hurt and we had a completly new offensive gameplan, then Ben comes back and they switch the gameplan again. This is why it was so rocky at the end because we never were able to hit a groove and players weren't able to get comfortable in the system they wanted deploy under Ben. Changing offensive gameplans to suit 3 different qbs will hurt a offense in the middle of the season.

Had Ben not got hurt, the offense would of cont. it's great run and we could be sitting here talking about who to draft at 32 instead of complaining about our greatest qb since Bradshaw.
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