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Default Re: I'll say it plainly - anyone questioning Big Ben is an IDIOT

Originally Posted by LayingTheWoodley56 View Post
I was just going to quote this one to. It's sad how many "fans" seem to glory in criticizing our players, rather than rooting for them. It really feels like some people root for Ike, Ben, Wallace and others to fail so they can run on here and type about what crap they are. I'm not saying that criticism is not warranted on many occasions, but it sucks to see how many people seem to revel in it.

Right down to the fans who complain about our Super Bowl victories because the championship wasn't won in the perfect way they wanted.
There is nothing wrong with critizing players and it doesnt make anyone less of a fan or a bandwagon rider. I am a Steelers fan since 1978 but I am VERY critical of players and I give reasons why.

What I think is worse is the love affair steelers fans get with players and dont look at their performance objectively.

I think Ben gets a free pass. he is playing with house money, kind of like Jeter on on the Yankees. he has done enough for the team, organization and fans.

he has 2 super bowl wins, playoff wins and we know going into any game we can win because he is our QB. To me that is a great feeling to have.

he has played hurt and showed a toughness you dont see from the QB position.

I never once questioned or will question an NFL players toughness or downplay an injury as every human body is different. he has given his all.

Ben is a "cusp" hall of famer and if he wins one more he is a lock. Any complaints is obsurd.
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