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Default Re: I'll say it plainly - anyone questioning Big Ben is an IDIOT

Originally Posted by steelfury02 View Post
yup - those of us saying we'd like to see even more out of Ben are certainly not wanting anyone else over him either nor do we under appreciate what he's accomplished - that is nucking futs

Ben has shown the capability to be a student on the game on top of his unorthodox style that no one can replicate, and certainly, no one else can say their QB is as tough as Ben - I take him 100% of the time - but damnit, when I see games like the 11' Patriots game, and the start of this past season where he is finding 10 different receivers and killing defenses with efficiency (I'm not saying we shouldn't go vertical - just not so much as under Arians IMO - especially with our O-line's history) I just can't help but say "That is a flash of Ben that is even better than he ever has been - and that is S_C_A_R_Y - more please."

I want to see Ben kill with efficiency, and then, when his 10 targets (ridiculous options when people are healthy and are allowed to click over time) aren't available he can scramble around like a mad man and make that impossible 3rd down play whenever the hell he wants. Ben has the potential to be top 5 (of all time) in the conversation and his flashes of an added capability gets me excited - that's all.
you had me until 'student of the game'. That would be the last thing I would call Ben. In fact I would say that is THE one thing other than hitting the gym that is preventing him from being one of all time best.
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