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Default Re: Why I wouldn't trade Ben for any other QB

Originally Posted by Steelers5895 View Post
as of now, i would only take Peyton, Brady, Rodgers and Brees over him.

also, how many of them with our team would be as successful? I think ONLY Rodgers as his OL is worse than ours.

Luck has one year in. He has all the signs he will be great but its one year.
I think the confusion about how they would do behind our line needs to be rethought. All those QB can read D, process info quickly, set up blockers (recognizing blitzes), and get rid of the ball. They also all have better deep balls (not Peyton) which would prevent teams from cheating towards LOS. Wallace and Brown under any of those QB have more receptions, yards and TD. Next year Luck will join elite. He is that good.

I think they would do better with our team than he would do with theirs as their offenses require accuracy, quick timing routes, and a more cerebral approach.
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