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Default Re: If the Steelers put Ben on the trading block....

surround Ben with pieces that take the pressure off and he'll be able to efficiently move the chains because those guys will be producing - like I said he can do whatever the hell he wants - but some situations and losses were on him just as much as the next guy

- I love Ben, but he isn't above adding to his game. Elway had to change as he got older - if Ben wants 2 more towards the end - it will take that - he isn't 23-25 years old anymore

You're asking him to play like he's that age until he retires - it just isn't possible as the beatings pile up - we need weapons that produce - but buying in and trusting those weapons is 50% on him as well - he has to learn when to live to fight another day - he is dying by the sword more often than thriving on it as of late

Ben's injury and the point of where he is at in his life had a huge part in his shoddy play down the stretch - he wasn't the same QB as the first half of the season - he was reverting back to forcing the issue and it just didn't work and won't work. Look at who is winning championships - it isn't the teams with fantastic defenses and offenses that do just enough. Its with offenses that score 30+ consistently in the stretch run and the defense makes just enough stops. #1 D without turnovers and 21ppg = 8-8 now, not 12-4 and champsionships. We'll be talking Feb 2014, not Feb 2009 - wake up peeps.
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