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Default Re: I'll say it plainly - anyone questioning Big Ben is an IDIOT

Originally Posted by Riddle_Of_Steel View Post
Not much of an argument here at all- just hurt indignation.

Obviously, none of us have thrown a football at the professional level, after an injury or otherwise. That is a bobby-trapped statement.

However, that does not absolve Ben of anything, nor does it mean we aren't justified as fans to criticize when they players turn in sub-par performances.

Alot of people criticize the President, and I am fairly certain none of them have ever given an order that will result in someone's death before.

Using your logic, then nobody has any right to criticizde or critique poor performance if they do not work in the same field or hold the same title.


* We can't criticize Goodell as Commissioner anymore-- none of us have ever had to run a major sports franchise.

* We can't criticize Joe Flacco or any other NFL player on another team anymore-- we have not played their position at a professional level, right?

* We can't criticize the referees anymore-- most of us have never had to make a penalty call at the professional level before right?
But it's okay to play judge/jury/executioner with a players career after coming back early with major injuries and one bad TEAM season?
Okay I get it we're only allowed to be jealous whiny little b******.


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