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Default Re: I'll say it plainly - anyone questioning Big Ben is an IDIOT

Originally Posted by casteeler View Post
This team with its current players will never be as good as they once were, we are spoiled but lack the good judgement it takes to say "Maybe he will never be as good as he once was". Ben is better than Flaco but for how long
You realize this was all said after the 2009 season, right? Everything you just said has been said before.

Now, I thought it was ridiculous before and now, if it's possible, I think it's more ridiculous now. For you to come out and say Flacco could be taking over Roethlisberger because of 4 good games he had is ridiculous. You know who had a great regular season? Matt Ryan. Is Matt Ryan taking over Ben's seat now, too?

Look at Flacco's playoff stats before these four games and tell me this Quarterback is going to strike fear into anyone. He isn't. He's average and the front office of the Ravens knows it.

My answer for how much longer will Ben be better than Flacco? Until Ben hangs 'em up. He's done more with less and he's won a Super Bowl with the worst offensive line this team has ever seen. Flacco has viable targets at RB, WR and TE and we're all clamoring over him because he had a good postseason? His regular season stats were mediocre. It's amazing how hot and cold this fanbase is after one average season.
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