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Default Re: Defensive END play since Aaron Smith...

Originally Posted by El-Gonzo Jackson View Post
So you watched 4 plays of the Chiefs game and ate up everthing that the announcers said on that night....right?? They also lauded how great Larry Foote has played and if somebody took the time to break down that game they would see tha Foote was terrible.

DE's still have gap responsibility on a zone block and cannot give it up just to try and drive the OG into the backfield. He did get too high on quite a few plays that he got ridden out vs the Chiefs, but you have to give Eric Winston some credit for being a great RT too and getting under Hood.

IMO, that game was more on Larry Foote not being able to get upfield to get to the RB on zones to our left. I watched the game over on dvr and he ran around most blocks or just grabbed the OG Asumogua who was trying to block him. If Foote reads the play and moves forward, he fills the holes. Watch a guy like D'Quell Jackson, Navarro Bowman or London Fletcher play that position and compare to Foote and we see the ILB play from Foote is weak.

My point is that Hood gets bad rep for that 1 game and he did his job most of the time by occupying his gap, Foote left gaping holes. We are fine at end, but need ILB, (to replace Foote), OLB (to replace aging Harrison), Safety (Clark and Troy arent getting any younger)
Please rewatch the Washington, Cleveland II, both Baltimore games, then tell me I'm out of my mind. The fact it Hood gets turned WAY to easily. He is about worthless against stretch plays and zone blocking. Yanda OWNS him.

I doubt that anybody here expects much out of Foote at this stage of the game, so why even bother mentioning him. I certainly didn't bring him up.

Finally, I don't listen to the play by play annoucers for the very reason you mention. My sound is usually is off, with the exceptions of a few times I'll listen to Hargraove and Ilkin's radio cast I also re watch games several times on Game Rewind after the fact, so don't accuse me of being influenced by the hype the talking heads blovate.
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