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Default Re: Woodley "Joe Flacco will not win a SB in this lifetime"

Originally Posted by steelfury02 View Post
sometimes things come too easily for people:

Want to know what I would do if money wasn't an issue and I didn't have to exhaust so much mental effort into paying the bills and surviving as an everyman, and getting paid millions of dollars to play a game?

I would be in that freaking training and video study room making sure I could be the best "player" at my position. I'm so tired of the fat cat's excuses - there are plenty of people that would relish your situation that have sacrificed a lot more in their lives. Quit whining Mr. Millionaire and actually put forth more effort towards a damn game. No one is saying you have to have monster stats every game/every season - but when you bitch and whine, could do more, and don't produce - you look and sound like a spoiled ungrateful ass that is out of touch with reality.

Woodley - get committed or get the eff out. I hear more about this guy's new suits or trips to the red carpet and his newest social media sweepstakes than I hear about what he's gonna do to commit. "Whoa is me . . .whaaaaaaaaa." If he was an employee at any other company he'd be looking for a new job.
Im right there with you, I swam at the highest level in high school and then in college and i never NEVER NEVER let a lower classmen beat me or take my spot and i wasnt getting paid one dime. I eventually did get a partial scholarship and worked even harder to keep those younger than me where they belong... behind me
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