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Default Re: Why Was Steelers ILB Lawrence Timmons Ignored in 2012?

Originally Posted by Steelers5895 View Post
for the steelers he was an ILB who ONLY played OLB for the steelers from an injury.

so i guess Woodley is a DE since he played DE in college

or carnell lake is a LB because he played LB at UCLA.
When Harrison leaves the team will Timmons switch to ROLB? Nope. Timmons is an ILB the Steelers will look elsewhere to fill the ROLB role. Timmons is a poor OLB but a great ILB.

Chad Brown took over for Lloyd due to injury. If Greg Lloyd had not been a Steeler when Brown joined the team then Brown would never have played a single snap at ILB. Brown played ILB because Greene and Lloyd were established veterans at OLB. Brown played ILB because he was better at ILB than Jerry Olsavsky.

As it stands Brown played 81% of his career at OLB. If Lloyd and Greene had not been on the Steelers in 93 when Brown was signed he would have played 100% of his career at OLB. Period.

You are wrong. Again. No need to bring up this post in 2 other threads or every time you see my name. You can spare me the ad hominem attacks- I rather enjoy the name calling.
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