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Default Re: Flacco to be looking for $20M !!

Originally Posted by zcoop View Post
He's got a lot of fucking leverage and he should use it. He just lead a team to a SB, won MVP and was one pass short from being in it last year. I don't like the ratbirds but I have to give the guy credit for his play. Market value is not overpaying either. Did we overpay Ben when we signed him to his 100 mil+ contract years ago?

Come on folks, stop the hate.
hate ? no hatin here.. hell i hope he cons 25 million a season out of ozzy. every dime that they pay joe cool takes away from the rest of the team ...
all i've done was point out facts. the facts are that up until the playoffs joe cool was considered a second tier slightly better than average qb by EVERYONE including most raven fans. if market dictates that that the ratbirds forget about the 5 years of sub 90 qb ratings and focus only on his last 4 games ... then by all means

what did flacco do in the second half of the super bowl while SF was making a comeback ?....all i remember was a 30 yd hail mary to bolden...
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