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Default Re: Defensive END play since Aaron Smith...

Originally Posted by nikstar View Post
I agree that Heyward has actually been progressing fine for the amount of playing time he's been given. I do however think it's time that he gets more of it. Ziggy seems to be the bust here IMO. I see him shifting to NT after another season of teams running straight towards him. The move could work, although I don't know if his recent conditioning is appropriate for it.
I think they should switch to a 4-3. I think that is where they are heading right now anyhow. Tomlin knows DL wont be around for forever. Most of their roster moves point to it.

Ziggy and Heyward are ideal 4-3 pass-rushing ends, best at attacking single gaps and ripping through. They aren't built to hold two gaps.

Big Steve is more of a 4-3 DT also. Timmons and Spence are ideal 4-3 MLBs. Remember, Tomlin drafted Timmons his first year and his Tampa-2 defense is known for using fast, agile MLBs in shallow zone coverage.

Even still, it should not come to that. If we can expect the offensive coordinator to come up with a gameplan that best suits the talent he has available, then there is no reason why the defense cannot do the same. Other than DL is a 3-4 guy and either can not, or will not, run a 4-3.

The Steelers come out in a 4-3 on occaision, but it is not their default formation. I do believe that if we made that full time switch, the fans would get to see a side of Ziggy Hood they have never seen before. He has a quick first step and long lanky ass arms good for spreading apart offensive linemen.

Heyward has looked great at times in spot duty, but lets be honest, so did Jonathan Dwyer and Redman. We could be holding a future team captain like Lloyd said, or a dud. Difficult to say at this point.

I think he has looked good. I remember watching his dad running the ball back in the day. Ironhead Heyward looked like an aluminum beer keg with legs on it. If he has any of his pops' grit or footwork, maybe he'll work good for us.
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