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Default Re: Bettis NOT a Hall of Famer- Here's Why

Originally Posted by teegre View Post
Name recognition:
When you say a player's name, there is that instant "recognition."
For example, when one hears the name Jerry Rice, the words "best ever" pop into one's head. When you ask anyone, even the casual fan, they ALL know who "The Bus" is... and they remember a bruiser of a RB.

Bettis had NO QB to take the pressure off of him. He had 3.9 yards against eight (& nine) man fronts.

Ask Urlacher:
Bettis trucking Urlacher is iconic. Significant plays like that are revered & remembered... and, as a Steelers fan, that is a top-ten all-time play in Steelers history (and this is a team with many historical moments). If you disagree, look outside of the pressbox at Heinz Field (the box where Al Michaels sits)... and you will see a four foot by six foot photo of that play.
You will also see a large framed photo of that play in my Steelers room in the basement. That was the play that sent the team on it's SB run IMO.
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