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Default Re: Bettis NOT a Hall of Famer- Here's Why

Originally Posted by teegre View Post
Insignificant? That was a play-off* game.

*If the Steelers lose that game, the season was over. In the biggest moment, he scored the touchdown... which sparked an eight-game winning streak (in which, every week, they HAD to win).

What was Barry Sanders' signature play? What was LaDainian's? Please, enlighten us on what a signature play should look like.
Ok, here's is now I look at it.

Barry Sanders running style which was never seen before or since was his signature

LT was one of the best scoring running backs in the league, hence having the single season rushing TD at one point

Emmitt Smith had his game he played with his sperated shoulder not to mention rings and the title

Hines ward was his blocking

Terrell davis was his 2000 yard season

see where I am going? Signature play, more like signature on the NFL

See where I am going. Bettis was a power back, he didnt revolutionize anything. he is not even the BEST power back of all time. He may be in the top 5 but he is not the best at anything. Barry Word ran over line backers is he a hall of famer? Look what MJD did to Merriman as a small RB, is that really a signatire play?

To say that one running play, in the snow on a bad trackion field where Urlacher didnt hit him head on with a full head of steam is Bettis claim to fame is nuts.

his signature play was the fumble vs the Colts.
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