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Default Re: Kovacevic: Why Super Bowl L should be Pittsburgh’s

just from being born and bred and knowing Pittsburgh like the back of my hand, as much as the next native - they need to up their game in public transportation and number of new hotels - the elements don't bother me at all - it's a city capable of holding and transporting 300-500,000 people. Now ask it to hold and transport 2 to 3 million (quadruple) efficiently - not miserably.

I love Pittsburgh - but, if the Steelers want to seriously put some weight behind this - they might want to consider what some state colleges do - build an enormous complex with a gargantuan resort attached to it and make sure its on the north shore - just my two cents. The casual fan would not enjoy having to go across the bridges and get stuck on 1 way streets (oh yea, the construction finally has to be finished or Pittsburgh will be a laughing stock). The infrastructure has to be upped and sold hard. The elements and stadium capacity don't worry me - its making everything super easy in the face of the elements and the way Pittsburgh is sectioned off that will be difficult for newcomers to grasp onto.

Hey, its easy enough for me - but, for the casual fan visiting the first time - I know plenty of people that love Pittsburgh but ask why there doesn't seem to be a center for anything - everything is scattered.

Pittsburgh deserves a SB, but, its more of a city for the diehards like us, than who they are trying to sell the event to (the woman who shows up in her Cowboys jersey even tho they aren't in it)
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