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Default Re: Bettis NOT a Hall of Famer- Here's Why

Originally Posted by Steelers5895 View Post
Steelfury02, yes Hines Ward is a hall of famer.

1- best blocking WR of all time
2- revolutionized the WR position to where WR's are expected to be blockers rather than run deep to draw players away from the line. he wasnt a big wr so it made offenses realize it can be done with their wrs
3- a rule change was made based on his blocking.
4- 1000 catches
5- leading wr in many stats on a team with 2 hall of fame wrs
6- super bowl MVP
7- 2 time Super Bowl champion

keep in mind he did this on a predomitely running team with quarterbacks like Kordell Stewart, Kent Graham, Charlie Batch and Tommy Maddox. he was already putting solid pro bowl seasons before Big Ben.


1- not flashy
2- never led the league in anything

UNlike bettis, he made an impact on the sport where bettis didnt.
ok - glad we agree - but - The Bus had another nickname - The Closer - something Bill Cowher called Bettis. When the Steelers needed to close out a 10 point lead, they simply handed the ball off, and we ate up yards and closed out games. Not too many guys could do that when defenses know its coming. He might not have been the first - but, there hasn't been anything like him since. He is the last of the big backs with that kind of impact on the outcome of a game. He had a larger impact on the outcome of a game than our QBs had.
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