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Default Re: I'm thinking offense: New wrinkle that I'd like to see explored:

I like it BUT doesnt that put Ben at risk for more hits?
Not if we can bring in a SOLID feature back that not only is smart enough to create his own holes in a zone blocking scheme (our o-line is bigger and more athletic than some people think) but is quick enough to take advantages of the edges with an option for cutback lanes. That keeps aggressive defensive ends and backers to stay home and stay in their lanes, opening up a big QB with nice feet (like Ben) to widen out, create space and keep the defensive off balance into going after Ben, and if they do, if they crash, Haley loves the dump-off option to begin with for a security blanket in our back to slip behind them in the flat and gain significant amounts of yardage in open space.

Getting Ben more options in dump-offs is key as well. Haley loves establishing this. It makes most sense to me because Big Ben's magic happens out of the pocket to begin with. With a defense knowing this already and still having to protect a portion of the field when schemes are considered problematic to defend, makes Big Ben even more dangerous in what he's capable of doing when the field opens up with him booting out knowing the back will always be there for assistance to stay in to block, or slip out in coverage if nothings there.
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