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Default Re: I'm thinking offense: New wrinkle that I'd like to see explored:

Is this a style that Mendenhall would be good for? I know a lot of people want him gone, but if he's the best option how can we let him go?
That's the kicker. Ultimately, yes. Out of ALL the players involved when the announcement of Haley was made, Mendenhall was the one I was most excited to see break out. Finally, his vision to the outside could be complimented with him running behind a wall giving him the opportunity to turn on the jets and make the correct adjustments in stride.

Unfortunately, his injury stalled his progress and is too boneheaded to buy into anything long-term with his contract disputes. I always viewed Mendenhall to be a Reggie Bush type player, one who needs space at all times to create mis-match's in the second level. Problem for Mendy, is getting to the second level running behind an o-line built to run between the tackles in philosophy. We can QUICKLY make the adjustment.
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