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Default Re: Ravens ahead of Steelers, but change can come quickly

Originally Posted by steelerschik View Post
So you can see into the future seeing that the steelers won't be dominating next season, huh? The ravens are going to lose players, their vocal leader will be gone (good frickin riddance) and you have no idea how anyone is going to play on the ravens team next season. What I saw of the ravens was a blown 28-6 lead and one blown noncall away from losing the sb. If you think the ravens are the dominating force, you're delusional. I'm more concerned on how cincy is gonna be next season than the ravens.
The Ravens almost lost the Superbowl, you got me there. Thankfully we are just so lucky, we magoo'ed our way to the title. Every team loses players during the season, many teams also have cap issues. Not every team has Ozzie Newsome though. He is the key to keeping our team strong and most steeler fans know he should be able to. I didn't say the Ravens are the "dominating force", I said they will continue to own the division title. Not that delusional. In fact I'd argue you're the delusional one for not thinking the defending Superbowl champions are in prime position to win another DT. Ozzie won't let the team fall apart, sorry.
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