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Default Re: Who will be our HB next year?

The Steelers need some damn body who can be counted on to get you 2 yards in the clutch.

As in, the first Ravens game we lost 13-10. Near the end of the 3rd quarter you may recall the Steelers had the ball at the Ravens 5-yard line, 3rd and 2 yards for a first down. So of course instead of handing it off to some damn body we can count on to get 2 yards in the clutch, Leftwich throws a fade to Wallace in the end zone that is incomplete. We kick the FG to make it 13-10 and that's the last score of the game.

I think Jerome could still get 2 yards on a play like that, and if not, give it to him again on 4th down. The guys we had this season couldn't spell "clutch" if you spotted them the "c" and the "l" and the "u" and the "t" and the "c" and the "h". I guess that's why one of them didn't get the ball in that situation.

Had the Steelers been able to make a first down there on 3rd or 4th down and then scored a touchdown, we win, most likely. As it turned out, that loss would have kept the Ravens out of the playoffs and put the Steelers in. Oh what coulda/shoulda been.

Yeah, we need some damn body who can get a few yards in the clutch.

I like Lattimore in the draft and I like Stephen Jackson as a free agent. We could not only lose Mendenhall, but Redman and Dwyer could get offers as Restricted Free Agents and we would have to match or lose them. Bradshaw fumbles too much for me.
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