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Default Re: Ravens ahead of Steelers, but change can come quickly

Originally Posted by JackH View Post
Lol. Now this is what I would call a delusion of grandeur.

If the Ravens had lost that first game against the Steelers they would not have even made the playoffs, right? As I recall, the Ravens won 13-10, although the Steelers could have won despite Leftwich playing, and playing most of the game hurt.

C'mon, man. Don't pee on my leg and tell me it's raining.
What kind of reasoning is that? If we lost that game... you won that game... if Flacco fell down some stairs and broke his arm... yeah, things would have turned out differently. They didn't. I'm not the one living in hypotheticals.

Oh, and even if you magically turn our 1st meeting into a loss we still would have made the playoffs. We would have had one more road game. Flacco is the king of road games in the playoffs. Everyone but Steeler fans think the Ravens are the favourites for the division at this point. Is it certain? Far from it. Steeler vs Raven games are always closely contested, regardless of who plays in them. Almost all of our star defensive players were injured and/or out at sometime during the season, it's part of the game. We had some of our best players OUT during both Steeler games . It goes both ways.
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