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Default Re: Ravens ahead of Steelers, but change can come quickly

Originally Posted by JackH View Post
This kind of reasoning is known as critical thinking.

How do the Ravens make the playoffs if I magically turn that first meeting into a Steelers win? Both teams would have been 9-7, Steelers win tie breaker due to beating the Ravens twice, Bengals win division at 10-6.

And I don't consider having the same record as another team in your division as dominating the division, even though you won the division on a tie breaker.
You're assuming we still lose to the Bengals in our last game when we were resting our starters, it's a moot point. You really think we would have lost that game after we just finished cleaving through the absolute cream of the crop of the AFC and the NFC champions? You can think that if you want but THAT would be delusional.
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