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Default Re: Ravens ahead of Steelers, but change can come quickly

Originally Posted by steelerschik View Post
Now, before I get into the shower and retire for the night, I will explain this to you in adult fashion. No, I don't care the ravens won. I wasn't rooting for them, but I never root for anyone when the steelers aren't in the sb. I have been watching the steelers since the 70s and saw them win all their trophies and saw the 2 sbs they lost. Here's something a mature football fan knows, your team isn't gonna be there every year. Ain't gonna happen. When you're on top as long as the steelers always are and have high draft picks, other teams who have had lower picks prosper. It's the NFL, it happens. The steelers aren't gonna be in the POs or SB every year. I can live with that. They're the most successful franchise in the NFL and I know when they're down it's never for long. I'm mature enough to not care about the sb if the team I root for isn't in it. But you're young and I don't expect you to understand this thought process.
You've lost your feeling for the rivalry and that is sad. At least there are still many Steeler fans feeling this should be huge motivation for the team. The dreaded RATBIRDS... COME ON!!!
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