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Default Re: Why I wouldn't trade Ben for any other QB

Originally Posted by Gnutella View Post

These images are all from 2012. Oh dear, he has a chin roll, so what? I know plenty of people of normal weight who have rolls under their chins.

The fact that you think he's fat illustrates at least one of the following:

1. You're not credible.

2. You have an agenda.

3. You're just a troll.

All three might be true, in fact.
If you think this is the physique that a 100 + million $$$ QB should have your out of your mind..... TOTAL LACK OF ANY DEDICATION ! He is sloppy plain ans simple. It showed at the end of last season. SLOPPY !

Not to mention the noodle arms ???? Come on Ben ... put down the booze and Doritos and hit the gym tubby !!!!
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