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Default Re: My First 'Official' Mock of 2013

Originally Posted by SteelersCanada View Post
I was talking to my buddy who is a huge 'Bama and Giants fan and he said something that I thought was pretty interesting. We were talking about how the Steelers weren't able to run the ball effectively at all and that put unnecessary pressure and ultimately, unnecessary hits on Roethlisberger. His answer?

"Draft Warmack in the first and Lacy in the second. Not only does that solve the running deficiency, it gives Roethlisberger the best interior line the NFL. With Warmack, Pouncey and DeCastro as the starting interior, you guys are set for a decade on the offensive line."

At first I was going to say we have more pressing needs than an OLinemen, but he made some pretty good and intriguing points. If we did have the chance to grab Warmack in the first and Eddie in the second, I think those two together, combined with Pouncey and DeCastro would ultimately solve our running problem and our pass protection problem. It's a very interesting alley to go down, that's forsure.
Yeah there's been discussions about that on here as well. It would be a great combo but I don't see it happening for two reason.

If you draft warmack in the first then 4 years down the line you would haven3 maybe 4 olineman that will either have a big contract or are due one. Pounces, dd, warmack, and maybe Adams. That's just to much money spread on the oline in my opinion. Now If you realize the fact that keeping all those guys isn't a strong possibility but want to give Ben the best team in the next 4 years to try and win superbowls while Ben is here then maybe.

And second I highly doubt lacy lasts till our pick in the second. If he runs a decent 40 at the combine which I think he will he's stock will be on the rise again. Teams like the packers or falcons could maybe take him in the back end of first. And I don't see him getting by the jets, dolphins, titans, rams in the second.

So drafting those two would be great but that's a lot of money on the oline in a few years, and lacy wont be there in the second.
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