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Default Re: Our Free Agents- Reality Check

Originally Posted by Steelers5895 View Post
The more I give thought to some of our big free agents the more I think there won't be any action on them to the point where they want to be.

If you look at free agents past, back even to the early days of free agency, how many players left via free agency (not cut but signed away from us) that had equal or better success with their new team?

I think teams will realize that and our free agents, especially with attitiudes may not get the action they want and we may be able to re-sign Mendy, Lewis and Wallace at a decent salary.

The only players who have had success with other teams were YEARS ago:

Hardy Nickerson
Leon Searcy
Chad Brown
Thomas Everett
Brentson Buckner- when he got to Carolina

Any others?

Most have not excelled, like the Randal Els, Mcfaddens, Foote, Haggans, Chris Hope, etc, etc.

If the steelersw dont want them they wont offer or if wallace, lewis and mendy dont want to be here they will sign elsewhere for the same or less as i dont see them getting a ton.

they may come back to us with something to proove at a bargain compared to what they thought they were going to get. Other than Lewis, Wallace and Mendy not only underperformed but showed bad attitudes and childish behavior.
I have a few guy that played well elsewhere after being cut. Off the top of my head:

Henry Jones ( Buffalo)
Carnel Lake ( Jacksonville)
Rod Woodson, ( Raiders-Baltimore)
Clark Haggans was othis last the Superbowl 49s roster, but spent most of his exile on the Cards
Burress (Jets) did well until he shot himself in the??
Santonio Holmes ( Jets), although not "True" cap casualty like the others as he didn't play out his contract, his upcoming expiring contract was a major factor in his trade.

I'm sure if I think on it I might be able to come up with some more, but general I get your point though.

My guess, for what ever that's worth, is we will keep a core, but it's going to take a while, and more than likely several seasons to rebuild. The sad fact no is we don't have the cap space to land decent free agent talent, and there aren't enough draft picks to fill all of the open roster spots.
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