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Default Re: Pittsburgh fire sale: The Steelers could lose every one of their FAs

Originally Posted by Steelers5895 View Post
amen. sometimes its not about winning its about selling tickets. you get a troy and it draws interest and sells seats.

i think Troy and Harrison have one more good year left. I would say keep them.

if we can find takers i would say lets look to trade these players:


Harrison will be cut though and that will eliminate the getting rid of woodley.
Heyward is only in his second year and is still improving - there's no way I trade him. As for Hood and Woods, I don't get rid of them either. We need to start using Hood effectively and we need to give Woodley a year to rebound after his injury marred 2012. I also don't trade Taylor as he's a true shutdown CB in the NFL and showed that against AJ Green and Torrey Smith earlier this year. All but one of those guys are under 30 as well - we don't need to unload the young talent, but we do need to unload the older guys.

Now, if we're talking about trading Troy, Keisel, Harrison and the possibility of Clark depending on who we draft, then I take those deals. A team with cap room that wants to trade for defensive talent and make a run for a title would be interested in at least one of those guys. Package two or three together, and we have a high pick involved now. You say they have one good year left and I say they're taking up 20 million dollars in cap room - we don't restructure that for future cap room hell. We cut that shit out right and restart with two young safeties in the backfield and a young pass-rusher to play opposite Woodley.

We're thinking the same way, just not with the same players haha.
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