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Default Re: LAPD cop killer cop on the loose

Originally Posted by ricardisimo View Post
Every highway in LA was flashing the plate number of the "GRAY NISSAN TITAN" all day. I had no idea why (I don't watch the news.) Now I know.
he's many Lexus owners in So. Cal now in LAPD crosshairs?

"CHP issues BOL saying Dorner may now be driving a white Lexus last seen in the Barstow area"

Barstow Police issues warning about Dorner

BARSTOW• Barstow Police issued a citizen alert Thursday to warn the public about fugitive Christopher Jordan Dorner, an ex-LAPD officer suspected of multiple murders.

“There is no indication that this subject has any ties to the Barstow area,” authorities said in a statement, “although a manifesto issued by the subject indicates he has potential ties to the Las Vegas area.”


headed to the desert towards Vegas?

time to dump the city slicker cops and bring in Tommy Lee Jones to track him down
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