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Default Re: Scottie Montgomery to be OC for Duke University

Originally Posted by SteelersCanada View Post
I mean, that could be attributed to a new offensive scheme and the growing pains that come with it. Granted, the amount of drops was inexcusable but I think the drops could just be a symptom of the growing pains that come with a new offensive scheme and ultimately, the confusion that comes with it.

I did like Scottie, though. It's probably not easy to turn a 6th round pick into a 1000 yard receiver - especially as a number 2. I was looking forward to seeing him progress Manny this year and see what he could turn him into.

I hear what you are saying and will take that under advisement LOL!!

Seriously, no doubt there was some serious confusion going on out there, especially with AB. He doesn't come across as being light in the cranial department, but man... where was his brain??? AB is a solid talent no doubt. Paying him top dollar for at best a #2 receiver was a huge mistake by our front office, like the contracts for Woodley, and Colon were, and has us firmly entrenched in the grip of cap hell.

I like Manny Sanders too, but the guy is always hurt. Didn't he play the last 5 weeks of the season with a significant shoulder injury? 2011 it was a laundry list?? The last SuperBowl it was??

As for Wallace.pretty much he played like a guy expecting a big check and needed to be healthy to collect it. If you think I'm joking, go back and watch this past season on NFL Rewind. Then rewatch the 2011 season......

Back to Scottie, I liked what he did with these kids until they fully bought into the money aspects of the game. Last year was not good regardless of who what where why and when.

I don't recall anybody mentioning a WR coach being creditied with making the difference in a team winning or not.
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