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Default Re: Flacco to be looking for $20M !!

He'll get the money. At minimum, Baltimore will franchise him and he'll make $20 mil. Then they'll work out a long-term deal.

It's great for Flacco - he'll get paid and paid a TON of money.
But its bad for the city & fans of Baltimore in the end - they're going to have to dump talent elsewhere. Look what happened in New Orleans - the greedy Drew Brees took all the money for himself and as godawful as their defense was last year, they STILL have to purge due to cap issues w/the Brees contract putting a huge strain on the team.
Unfortunately, thats where the market is headed - it's going to get harder and harder to field teams like the Ravens had last year that were strong across the board - RB, QB, WR's, everywhere on defense, etc. Those days are going bye-bye.

Thank god Ben's contract was already signed a few years ago. Can you imagine what he's be up for today if his contract was due? There would be another 20, 22+ miillion a year....
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