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Default Re: LAPD cop killer cop on the loose

Dorner Manhunt Spreads to Arizona, Mexico

Friday: Massive manhunt continues for ex-LAPD officer suspected in three murders. Police plan a 9 a.m. press conference.

As snow fell Friday morning in Big Bear, more than 100 police and canines continued to comb the mountainous area where Dorner's truck was found ablaze Thursday. All the areas where someone could have walked away from the truck were being searched by ground, said Cindy Bachman of the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department.

It was unclear if Dorner had ventured into the rugged terrain or if his truck was set ablaze as a diversion. Bachman said she was not aware of any vehicle having been stolen since the burned out truck was discovered.

The California Highway Patrol issued an alert Friday that Dorner could be driving a white Lexus last seen near Barstow, but that report was later discredited
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