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Default Re: Defensive END play since Aaron Smith...

Just saying, there is no law that prevents a DE in a 3/4 from shooting a gap on occasion . How many times have we seen Ngata in our backfield? Acutually, I would like to see us do more than one or twice a season.....

As for the switch from the 3/4, it isn't going to happens soon so don't hold your breath. The 3/4 has proven to be a very successful defense. Moving to a 4-3 does not automatically create backfield pressure. As for shooting gaps, out of a 4-3, it makes you very suceptable to being gashed on running plays. Ever wonder why so few teams try to run traps on our D? Because if you do, your going to have a LB blowing up the play. On a 4-3 D, it's going for big yardage.

The main issue people complain about is the lack of a pass rush. Let me ask you a question, when there are 5 blockers, why would one think that having 4 rushers would be an advnatage over 5? I don't get this logic. The problem with the Steelers this past year is that Harrison is 36 years old, not 28, and he's got a bad knee. His counterpart on the other side loafs most of the time, so usually, the opposing OC send an RB or TE out there to play Patty Cake, leaving the RT to double team with the RG. So without that pressure, our secondary is exposed.

The only thing that I can see that is a disadvantage with our defense from a structural standpoint is with stretch plays and zone blocking schemes. Unless the LB can set the edge and the DE on that side doesn't get turned, it's trouble. Hood is prone to looking like he's on roller skates of these types of plays. If he's not turned, he's knocked 5 yards off the LOS into the secondary. Other than that, I see no advantages of a 4-3

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