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Default Re: I'll say it plainly - anyone questioning Big Ben is an IDIOT

Originally Posted by aa14 View Post
Thank you. I wouldn't question Ben at all. He is a savvy veteran and one of the toughest QBs in the league. It is too bad he was injured for both of the games vs the Ravens last season and I look forward to seeing him against us next season. That being said, the Steelers need to start looking at the draft in the next two season to find a QB to sit behind him for a year or two to develop. Ben won't be able to continue to perform at a high level with the injuries his body has been playing through. His o-line has let him down for awhile now and if it isn't fixed this coming season things could get ugly quick.

The name of the thread, calling people idiots who disagree with the OP, isn't a great way to promote healthy discussion imo. I actually agree that people would be "out to lunch" if they think Ben isn't the answer anymore but to call them idiots before they give their view isn't good.
It's not that people question Ben, it's that eventually ever thread turns into a Ben sucks thread or people feel the need to start a dozen new ones.

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